Effective method to improve your language fluency in one on one lessons

With Get Talking, you can continue perfecting your fluency of Brazilian Portuguese or English, by direct one on one conversations with language consultants who are fluently in both languages.

Our language consultants have years of experience in medical translation and interpretation, oil/gas industry interpretation, writing and training.

Get Talking is not a language course. Get Talking is a way for you to hook up with native speakers who will talk to you about every day themes, so you can improve your accent and fluency in the language you're already learning or have learned but don't have where to practice.

Check out our rates for our sessions of 30 minutes or one hour a day, and choose the one that works best for you. Payment through paypal, and the sessions can be done over the phone (within the continental US), Skype or Facetime/messenger if you have an iphone/ipad.

Improve your bilingual skills with one on one strategy
Take advantage of this opportunity and one on one conversation to improve your skills. Contact us today.

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